24/7 Day and night we are ready to take your call and connect you to the cars you need for your next shoot.

Picture Perfect Cinema Vehicles

We offer what they won't.

We offer a wide range of cinema vehicles for rent, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Our fleet spans all decades from the 1920s to the 2020s. Each rental includes delivery, a driver, and the vehicle, all for one flat fee.

The Car
The Driver

Our top of the line drivers are on standby 24/7 to arrive with the car of your need. Day or night rain or shine this elite force is ready to play their part, be it stealing the show in an action scene or simply setting the mood in the back, they've got you covered.

a back view of a delore of cars parked on the street
a back view of a delore of cars parked on the street
All inclusive means you get...

Never a delivery fee! No more hidden charges or added taxes later on, when we give you a price that is the price you'll be paying. Our professional drivers will arrive right on time and be ready to shoot, no hassle involved.

The Delivery

Not only will you have the ease of getting the entire package start to finish managed for you, now, you also have the peace of mind that nobody is coming after you! All our drivers are insured and taken care of.

The Insurance

tradition not changed, improved

a white station wagon with a red stripe on it
a white station wagon with a red stripe on it

Over the years, car rentals have played a significant role in the world of movies, becoming an integral part of cinematic history. From iconic chase scenes to memorable road trips, these vehicles have captured the essence of storytelling on the big screen. One particular aspect that has stood out is the concept of "picture perfect cinema vehicles." The history continues, as these vehicles bring magic and excitement to the silver screen, captivating and inspiring moviegoers across the globe.